ACTIVE&FIT – Active&Fit offers a series of Fitness Products to meet the needs of different clients and members in the following manner.

Active&Fit Enterprise – The Active&Fit Enterprise product is offered by health plans to their employer groups, and directly to employer groups and other organizations that are interested in providing a financial subsidy to reduce the overall cost of this program to their employees or affiliated members that are not Medicare Eligible. Eligible members may also pay a nominal fee to participate in Active&Fit Enterprise.

Active&Fit Direct – The Active&Fit Direct product is offered to health plans, employer groups, associations or other affiliate organizations that have commercial membership or employee populations to provide a member self-pay offering without a subsidy. Active&Fit Direct is only available if the sponsoring organization has a secure password protected website where members can access and enroll in the program once a member has logged in.

Active&Fit Now – The Active&Fit Now product is similar to Active&Fit Direct as it is a member self-pay program, except it does not require a secure website for access. Active&Fit Now is offered directly to the adult general public through multiple marketing channels and organizations with open websites to promote and encourage affiliated members to join. The Active&Fit Now promotes its self and your fitness center through award-winning social media campaigns in addition to other targeted marketing strategies.

Silver&Fit fitness program is offered to health plans that provide CMS benefits for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicaid, and Dual Special Needs populations in addition to Medicaid benefit plans. These health plans provide subsidies that typically cover the cost of the fitness program or require a nominal fee to be paid by eligible members.