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its MDM Fit

MDM fit is a 24 hour self serve fitness studio that provides a private gym atmosphere with the same benefits of a commercial gym. We are open 24/7 using a keyless entry system. We are a fully secured facility. Although members are responsible to clean equipment, we have a dedicated staff to clean the whole facility every day.

All sign ups are done online through the website. You will receive a confirmation email which will have your 4 digit pin code which will allow you access to the gym.

To schedule a tour call 914-255-3557 for a temporary pin code.

MDM FIT is a studio for people who like a private setting to get into their best shape. We have equipment for anyone that wants a good workout whether you are into bodybuilding, body weight exercise or just like a good cardio workout. Come workout on your own, with friends or with a personal trainer.

Meet Our Trainers

Click on the trainer that best fits you to see their availability and pricing. Must be a member to receive training.



+1 (914) 299-6525

Chris Collins


+1 (914) 384-2699

Membership plan

Meet The Owners

Michael and Tonya McCants started MDM fit for the love of fitness. The gym is for all fitness types that want a clean, accessible and affordable gym.

Profit are important but we put people first. your fitness goals are our priority. so we made our membership affordable for everyone.

Thank you current members and we look forward to new members joining the MDM fit family.


I acknowledge that I will comply with the rules and regulations of mdm fit fitness studio. I understand that my membership is for one (1) year, after which my membership will continue until I cancel it by giving mdm fit 30 days notice. Membership payments are due every month for twelve months.

Cancellation Fee

$50 only applies to contract memberships and does not apply to any other memberships unless stated so.

Initiation Fee

$35 will be billed at the time of signing up and applies to all memberships and promotions except guess passes.

Annual Fee

$35 will be billed every January 1st regardless of when you sign up and applies to all memberships and promotions.

All payments are made by automatic debits. I also understand that my membership is non-transferable.


I, the undersigned, do hereby assume full responsibility for all damages, injuries or losses, including death that I may sustain or incur, if any, while attending or participating in mdm fit fitness studio fitness center and programs. I hereby waive all claims against the owners, instructors, their employees and agents individually or otherwise for any claim or damages, injuries or losses that I may sustain. I further disclose that the information given on this contract is truthful to the best of my knowledge, and I have disclosed any limitations to my instructors.

I agree to abide by all the rules of the facility.

Rules of the facility:

  • No harassing or bullying
  • Proper attire must always be worn. Never be shirtless or shoeless.
  • Never let anyone in the gym. All members have a key fob.
  • Never bring a guest without permission.
  • Always put equipment away and sanitize it after use.
  • No loud noises or playing around in the gym. Be mindful of others.
  • No loitering in the gym.

cardio - free weights - functional training